As the carpenter behind the works of Pasche Woods & Design, Tim Pasche develops designs of products based on the properties and grain patterns of wood. He uses boards that provide inspiration and assembles pieces to show patterns of interest. Tim grew up tinkering with wood projects in his father’s garage. As he got into his adult life, he started making smaller wood projects and experimented with making furniture. He continued to gain confidence and started to build up his repertoire of tools and projects. A lot of his work at this time involves cutting boards, charcuterie boards, coasters, and countertops. He still does commissioned furniture projects. His inspiration comes from wood grain patterns and experimenting with laminating boards in patterns. He loves a good challenge through his commissioned works, but values experimenting on his own. Tim strives to create high quality pieces for clients and make works that are incorporated in their daily lives.


Each commission and design is approached with excellence and professionalism in mind. PWD communicates about projects throughout the process. Social media is a great way to learn more about PWD. Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter show much of the work done. Check it out!


Pieces are designed with intention. Each design is made custom to the user. Commissioned work is meant to appeal to the needs of each client. Custom work is meant to appeal to various audiences of design from work with symmetry to organic & asymmetrical work. Works are meant to have a "one of a kind" feel and be original.